Jay & Silent Bob Get Old | The Vic, Chicago, IL – March 30, 2017

Just go see this. I actually bought tickets to the show for my husband and his best-friend (and my cuddly co-husband, David) for David’s birthday in an attempt to lure David to Chicago for the week. But he can’t make it ’til summer so I had to go in his place. I was sad he wasn’t here, but I really wanted to go.

I was kind of nervous because Kevin Smith’s old work is all about some dick and fart jokes – bleh. I wondered if I was going to still be as entertained now that I’m a grown up. Fuck yes.

This show as hilarious. You may hear “live podcast” and think, why would I want to go to that? Because it was awesome. This was better than any comedy show I’ve ever been to and it had everything.

The show began with an introduction and Jason Mewes acting out a hilarious and awkward sex scene. Then the two talked about their daughters (I know!). Kevin Smith read a long series of texts from his daughter who is in NYC filming a movie and constantly texting her dad, “It’s an actor thing, you wouldn’t understand.” (HA!). Kevin Smith bragged on what an amazing father Jason Mewes is – they took turns describing the massive plans he has for his daughter’s birthday – spoiler – it involves an Elmo-FacePainter-Balloon artist who Smith was convinced was a random street artist and that the entire party was going to be a disaster.

Then Kevin Smith officiated a wedding for two fans. He described his own wedding at Skywalker Ranch (again, I KNOW!) and mentioned that Mewes wasn’t there because of his drug addiction.

Afterward, Jason Mewes read excerpts from his rehab journals. Basically, it could be the companion to my new book Not Like Other Girls: Really Bad Poetry From My ’90s Life (shameless plug!). Honest, sincere and completely hilarious/embarrassing if you weren’t there to live it.

We were pleasantly surprised with a sneak preview of the script for the next Jay & Silent Bob movie. Jason Mewes gave a proper script reading while Kevin Smith set the scenes. The new movie sounds like a reboot or a remake poking fun at reboots and remakes – but it was actually quite entertaining and I’m excited to see it.

The show ended with audience participation simulated sex scenes – which were actually funny and a lot more harmless than it sounds. The audience members were actually quite interesting – the first woman had the wildest hair and works at a movie theater, “that serves alcohol,” she says. The second participant was a young man wearing fake hair, I’m assuming to look like Jay from the movies. He is a waiter at Saved By The Max, the Saved By the Bell themed pop-up diner in Chicago. The third participant was a nurse and aerialist. Only in Chicago, right?

You can listen to the show here:

Jessie G.

Jessie G.

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Jessie G.